Drawing and Coloring with Angels

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This 32 page eBook has a plethora of coloring pages, drawing exercises and connect the dots exercises. You can print one page or the whole book. There are two different examples ~ download so that you can see the different exercises.

Due to rising costs and educational cut backs, Changes Made Easy .com and Full of Love Pet Supplies .com has created a series of eBooks for parents and educators to help make their jobs a little bit easier, save you some time and add some fun. The eBooks re set up so that you are able to print the whole book or just the pages you'd like to use that day. Our eBooks contain exercises that focus on improving communication, vocabulary, spelling patters, keeping the innocent and imaginative part of childhood alive, story writing and enhancing creative and critical thinking skills. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making and giving them to you.  

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