HOPE Kids: Making your own Affirmations

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This set is super cute! It comes with instructions. examples and outlines for making your own affirmations. They follow the theme of The Best Day & Night Affirmations. (Click here to download/get/choose the free affirmation sets that match.)

This affirmation set is all inclusive. It complements The Complete HOPE Set for Kids. 138 pages

Start them on focusing on being positive early! They can draw, write or color their own affirmation images. If your kids are digitally inclined, they can use [their own] emojis and stickers! How fun!

Also, please enjoy all of the Affirmation Image eBooks. We have created videos and slide shows for your enjoyment, entertainment and help you program your mind. Join us on YouTube at user/ChangesMadeEasy ♥ We have an Affirmation Image Playlist that has all the Affirmation Image eBooks (throughout the various download stores) and we have added a Playlist: Just for Kids! - You can preview some of the affirmations there. ♥ It will give you a good idea of the age bracket that they are made for. :)

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